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Ths.BS.Võ Thị Ngọc Thúy, Nhà sáng lập Trung Tâm Y Học Cổ Truyền Đỉnh Đại Hữu có đôi lời nhận xét về sản phẩm Giải Pháp Y Khoa của B4USolution chúng tôi: Phần mềm chạy tốt, đáp ứng được yêu cầu của phòng khám, dễ sử dụng và hậu mãi tốt.

Nhà sáng lập Trung Tâm Đỉnh Đại Hữu Ths.BS.Võ Thị Ngọc Thúy

Long Mai I joined this course with some basic knowledge in core java but still not sure if I can grasp Selenium with Maven,Jenkins,TestNG...
Today I'm confident to enter the automation world challenges
A special thanks to all Trainer at B4U, who had a great passion towards teaching and providing us a quality training sessions

Long Mai Automation Tester (Elca)

Below is a general feedback from all Selenium Scripting class members - SPS company:
    - Overall assessment of the automation test course. 
    The course satisfies and meets the needs of learners.
    - Assessment of teaching content
    Contents are easy to understand.
    - Attitude and communication of the trainer
    Trainers are always friendly, willing to help, dedicated, enthusiastic and learners can understand easily.

Selenium Scripting class members, SPS company

This is a feedback belongs to one of our trainee (Software Tester - GCS company)
     After completing the Basic Java Course at B4U Solution, I learned and practised not only basic but also the advanced knowledge that helps students clearly understand the software overview.
     In order to study well in this course, besides being diligent and doing all homework, students need to improve themselves, of course, just learning from teachers is enough to do a final project, enough for students to pass this course.
    Do not hesitate to ask the teachers as they are "bosses" in the field. They always help students to solve the problems enthusiastically.
    I am quite satisfied with this course because the student can visualize how a project is written. Hopefully, the B4U Solution will convey more and more knowledge to next learners, next courses.

Tu Bi, SQA (GSC)

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